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Since 1985, we, microntec, engaged in deep hole gun drill machining services in domestic market. Published in 1995, developed own made PLC drilling machine just for personal use regarded Deep hole drilling services in local market.
Accumulated over 30 years of horizontal deep hole drill experience in foundry, In 1996, microntec build manufacturing Department starting branded CNC deep hole drilling machine , specialized in manufacturing and international marketing, extend global customer service and drilling solutions to expand drilling demand via trade partners, output programmable CNC deep hole gun drilling machine with milling & tapping, BTA deep hole drilling and multi-axis Drilling machine, quality, technology, innovation, service, delivery of core values, the use of "microntec" made of production, provide customer request for special drilling purpose machines, target quality first, first service, and delivery on time.
Chau Yih Shin "microntec” is a leading brand of professional deep hole drilling machines, explore new business collaboration with the early tradition-oriented high-precision technology industry, to innovate and develop of local deep hole drilling machine production, with partners to find new markets, continues to find new partners and actively expand the establishment of global marketing positions, provide better customer service in worldwide market .
Chau Yih Shin, microntec pursue excellent of deep hole drilling machine, more excellence drilling machine ability touch into international global marketing, improve clients satisfaction, Target CNC deep hole drilling machine in microntec national brand.


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